.............Urban Champion? Why?!

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User Info: Foofyhead

6 years ago#21
That is quite ironic.
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User Info: LHS_2012

6 years ago#22
Starwars4J posted...
Killeryoshi8 posted...
stromvancouver posted...
Starwars4J posted...
Gimea posted...
they release garbage like this?...*Goes back to phone, playing free games*

The irony!

Irony as in: other hardware has superior games for a lower price?

Oh you! Pretending to think those crappy phone games hold a candle to real games. You keep cutting those ropes!

Hey man, don't diss Cut the Rope!

Anyways, judging by the rate 3D classics are being released, I'm going to assume Nintendo isn't planning to release all their best/good titles in the first six months. Better to pace it out over the systems life, or everyone would complain about how the good games stopped coming.

It's human nature. Whenever we get Super Mario Bros 3...D classic, no one is going to say "but remember when they released Urban Champion a few years ago? Really?" If we got SMB3 first, people would say "remember when we used to get good games?"

Or they could just not release Urban Champion. But hey, someone's gonna buy it.
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User Info: soulofninjasoul

6 years ago#23
CapnStanky posted...
Gimea posted...
WTF is wrong with Nintendo?!

Those guys are sitting on a pile of instant classics, and they release garbage like this? Who runs the company anyway?

*Goes back to phone, playing free games*

Amen. Phone games own most of the junk we've seen them put on the store. It's embarrassing for them and depressing for me as a 3DS owner to see what they've become.

The games on my Ipad (most are just upscaled Iphone games)
Owned the living crap out of most of the sheer garbage I have seen in the E-shop.
There is no excuse for mediocrity.
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User Info: Pinchekria

6 years ago#24

From: soulofninjasoul | #023
The games on my Ipad (most are just upscaled Iphone games)
Owned the living crap out of most of the sheer garbage I have seen in the E-shop.
There is no excuse for mediocrity.

I know i have games like Plants vs. Zombies & Hero of Sparta that are both on the eShop and the Appstore. Both games play and look a hell of alot better on my iPod Touch than the versions on the eShop. Seriously look up a video of Plants vs. Zombies for the DS to see how it plays. lol
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User Info: Gimea

6 years ago#25
can EU people already buy things on the eshop, or does Nintendo still refuse to release those point cards?
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User Info: Number43

6 years ago#26
You don't need to buy a points card, you can input your credit card info directly in the shop.

Anyway, there are some good DSiWare games, even if a number of other ones don't seem very good. Some examples:

Mario Vs Donkey Kong: The Minis March Again
Starship Defense
any of the ArtStyle series
Alpha Bounce
Shantae: Risky's Revenge

User Info: Gencoil

6 years ago#27
Apparently, Nintendo considered this to be a classic. It's old, therefor it's a classic... perfect logic, right? :P

The game looks pretty damn boring and not worth the price. Nintendo need to step out of their little bubble and get a reality check. You can't charge people this kind of money for such a simple game.

Didn't they have Mega Man 2 in 3D back at the E3 expo? When the heck are we gonna get THAT?
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