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User Info: bellzemo

6 years ago#1
I was thinking and I like the idea. Imagine one week your using your Mii to get through a downloaded level from Zelda. Then the next week your Mii is running through the Mushroom kingdom. Week after that your in Angel land fighting Medusa. Using the auto-download feature to upload Weekly levels and have achievements or special items for your Miis. Or even have the items from one week used in the next week to unlock extra items features etc. etc. Anyone else have any ideas to add or want to tell me how stupid my idea is?

User Info: Rizaadon007

6 years ago#2
hmm..... interesting.... it might work, IDK...
"Eirika, Level 20, 7 strength. Should I be concerned?" -Czardia
"It doesn't take that much Str to make a sammich, so she's good." -PokeAMon
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