They keep calling it a 3NDS.

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User Info: Toke4us

6 years ago#21
For a minute there I honestly thought that this topic was hopelessly lost to the lack of wincest!
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User Info: DEKMStephens

6 years ago#22
Haha, I stopped buying in stores.

My Mum told me she got into a fight with a EB games employee today.

Local stores are REALLY incompetent
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User Info: Foofyhead

6 years ago#23
More like employees in your area are.
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User Info: Boomer_Kuwanga

6 years ago#24
DS Lite is discontinued?
Is that why it's still selling, but only for $99?

Yup. They disco'd it a short time after the 3ds launch. There were still a gazillion units left, so they price dropped them to move the units. Production has stopped, though.
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  3. They keep calling it a 3NDS.

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