When's the next price drop?

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User Info: vJESSEv

6 years ago#1
Are they going to be doing it every 5 months like so far?

will it go down another $80?
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User Info: VampiricDragon_

6 years ago#2
This is the price it should of been at the beginning so I dont see one happening
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User Info: BKXD

6 years ago#3
No, this is as low as they can go.
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User Info: AstralFear

6 years ago#4
BKXD posted...
No, this is as low as they can go.

No, it's not. They can go lower if they wanted. They decided not too.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#5
not until they find a way to make the cost of making a 3ds less
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User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#6
Nintendo 3DS, now only $99!
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User Info: simondaking

6 years ago#7
I don't think the price will go any lower but as time goes on the parts to make a 3ds will become cheaper but I think when that happens they will need those profits to cover the expense of selling it so cheap this early.
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User Info: Sol_Clyde

6 years ago#8
With the sales increasing by 500% on Japan? I doubt it.
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User Info: medmuscle

6 years ago#9
Why is it that almost as soon as a system drops in price, there are ALWAYS people asking when it's going to drop again? It just dropped $80USD and that's just not enough! It's rediculous. If you can't afford a 3DS right now, you shouldn't be worried about video games. The price JUST dropped. Do you think they are thinking about dropping it some more right now? Why not ask when the 4DS or the the Playstation Morte will be out?
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User Info: iLLsteeze

6 years ago#10
yes. it will go down $80 every six months. so if u can spare to wait a year and a half, it will be free.
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