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User Info: Pkjoan

6 years ago#1
So considering the majority of High Graphics ports and remakes, I have done a brief analysis of what each handheld represent as console.


GB/GBC were the portable NES.

Having the same graphics, gameplay mechanics but different processor.

GBA was the portable SNES

Considering the vast amount of ports and remakes.

DS, I suppose that the DS may or can be the portable N64. But it also had graphics of PS1, I don't know you judge.

3DS, I think it can be entitled as Portable GC or Wii.
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User Info: rashrules

6 years ago#2
Everyone already knows this bro.

I'm still waiting for the Super Mario Sunshine port/remake.

Super Mario Deluxe (SMB NES) > GBC
Super Mario Advance series (SNES Mario games) > GBA
Super Mario 64 > DS
?Super Mario Sunshine > 3DS
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User Info: FrankGrimey

6 years ago#3
That's more or less how I've seen it.
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User Info: andodel

6 years ago#4
In my opinion, the 3DS is in between N64 and GC. However, this is judging from it's current games. Once Devs get more time with it, we may see GC graphics, possibly better.
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User Info: stfn12345

6 years ago#5
Except the added "features" in Mario 64 DS turned a legendary game into a tedious pile of crap more reminiscent of the travesty that was DK64
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