who else wants Paperboy?

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User Info: cleanchris

6 years ago#11
"It's crazy how much nostalgia will sway somebody's opinion of something. Paperboy was a horrible game."

It's an arcade game from 1984...& it's by no means Pac Man or Frogger or Donkey Kong, but it isn't a horrible game.

It was one of the first video games I ever played, & I still find it enjoyable to this day.
I am one of five GFAQS members not butthurt by UMvC3.

User Info: Second_Chances

6 years ago#12
Ironically, I just found a old cartridge for it when going through **** in the house.

I never even bought this game. Huh.
Second Chances sure are great. It's nice to be back, GameFAQs.
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