So Star Fox 64 3D is adding new stuff

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User Info: paulink

5 years ago#1
If you take a look at the third screenshot on the amazon listing, you'll get a glimpse of the new unlockable jet that Star fox's dad used to pilot!

Why, I wonder what other crazy unlockables are in this game.
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User Info: Vermineater

5 years ago#2
Holy crap that is so awesome. I can't wait to use that vehicle! :D
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User Info: Wallydraigle

5 years ago#3
Hey, maybe they'll have online multiplayer as an unlockable, lol!
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User Info: Pkjoan

5 years ago#4
Lowut? Is it me or did they got confused with other Pilot Game for 3DS
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User Info: kingdumbfarts

5 years ago#5
I heard its got WWII missions added also.
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User Info: nintendogger

5 years ago#6
I want this game.
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User Info: JoeAdvanced

5 years ago#7
LMAO nice find TC

User Info: NeonOctopus

5 years ago#8
lolwut we get to fly an F-14 in space? That's awesome!

User Info: chucklehofft

5 years ago#9
Lol watt
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User Info: trenken

5 years ago#10
Doesnt matter. You can beat this game in a few hours, the replay value is very low and no online MP. I wouldnt even pay $20 for this. Has gamefly rental written all over it.
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