Best 3DS Game besides OoT

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User Info: JimmyPlicket

6 years ago#1
I just preordered the Red one today and I'm trying to plan out which 3DS game to buy. My G/F got the blue 3DS today and already bought OoT and DOA Dimension. What would you recomend getting? (strictly 3DS Games) Thanks!
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User Info: frozenhotdogg

6 years ago#2
I'm having a blast playing street fighter and ridge racer. I was suprised how well i could do moves on the 3ds dpad and this is coming from an fanatic fighting game player.
60 bucks is not for me, I think I'd rather have it free.

User Info: Spiffy247

6 years ago#3
I'm really enjoying Samurai Warriors Chronicles.
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User Info: JimmyPlicket

6 years ago#4
anyone play steel diver?
Yeah, I guess you do "win" because I don't care enough to dignify your dumb *** with a response.Ty1erDurden_

User Info: lockheart47

6 years ago#5
Steel diver is not worth it, maybe at 10 bucks. the other things to look for would be Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Shadow Wars and Devil Survivor Overclocked. if you want only one tactics game go with DSO since it will have way more content compared to SW but if you can get all 3 :)

User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#6
ghost recon shadow wars. fantastic game should've gotten more attention
pac man and galaga dimesions. online leaderboards + pac man CE galaga legions the originals and 2 new games + 3D + portability+ acheivements = addicting high score getitng 3D fun

If you like fighters street fighter and DOA you will like.
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User Info: scigeek101

6 years ago#7
I'd have to recommend Street Fighter, Even if you aren't good at fighting games the 3ds version is very noob frendly (Being able to map special moves to the touch screen helps a lot if you are a beginner)
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User Info: MarkMilton

6 years ago#8
of the games i've played:

DoA Dimensions.... and that's it.

i own Ghost Recon, but haven't played it, but DoA is a pretty good fighter. it's not Virtual Fighter, but it's still decent.
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User Info: Pinchekria

6 years ago#9
Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
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User Info: 6speednissan

6 years ago#10
Pilotwings is a really fun game. It uses the 3d very well. RE Mercs is a great game, but not at 40 bucks. Pick it up from Best Buy this week for 20 and its a steal.
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