Got money to spend and need help figuring out if I'll buy OOT 3D

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User Info: King_of_Nerds

6 years ago#11
ZanoPizza posted...
GonTo30 posted...
So, let me start off by just saying this. I have never played OOT or MM. The only two games I've played are TP and WW. I've actually beaten TP, but only just started WW. I am not new to the story in OOT. I've seen almost all of the what the games has to offer for dungeons and weapons.


1. Does the OOT 3D version have any easter eggs specially for the 3DS?
2. About how long would it take to beat?
3. About how long would master quest take to beat?
4. Does master quest hold anything more than harder dungeons?
5. Is it worth the money?

1: There's a Skyward Sword reference. That's all I'm aware of, ATM.
2: About 1-2 days for me.
3: About the same as the regular one; at least that's what it seemed like on the 3DS for me.
4: It's mirrored.
5: Yes, game should be about $50-$60, but it's $40 because nintendo knows fans will buy it anyways.

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User Info: SMT_Masochist

6 years ago#12
It was the greatest 3D game of it's time but that was over a decade ago. Since you've played the newer ones, there's no real point in playing Oot besides for nostalgia's sake. $40 is a lot. I got it for free and haven't played more than 4 hours before stopping.
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User Info: Catspaj33

6 years ago#13
If you never have played it get it! It really is a great game.
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User Info: Y34RX3R0

6 years ago#14
I just bought it today, it's worth every penny. I bought this game as a teen when it was released. Fantastic to play it again.
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User Info: Jorgezx

6 years ago#15
1. Yes
2. About 20 hours if it's your first time playing it. 15-10 for the rest of hours
3. About the same, maybe 15 if you are good
4. Mirrored world and enemies take double damage
5. It's the best version, I believe is worth every penny

Hope you have realized there are some OoT haters answering your questions, but I think you can distinguish them by noticing they got some answers wrong or just plain don't answer.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#16
If you haven't played OoT then buy it. I don't think it's worth it for people that have already played it and it seems you can get it for $30 now. SO GO AHEAD I SAID!
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User Info: SkyCrackers

6 years ago#18
There's several easter eggs, but they're really minor.

OOT is still a great game, even today, and holds up well to it's sequels.

I think OOT should last you more than 15 hours your first try, as long as you do a decent amount of sidequests.

On my playthrough of OOT3D, which was my third OOT playthrough overall, I took 60 hours to beat the game. And that's NOT including Master Quest. That's because I did all the sidequests, got almost all of the collectibles, and just took my time and enjoyed it.

Also, I'd like to add that I found most of the master quest dungeons to be significantly harder than their regular counterparts, because the puzzles are much more obscure. Note that the order of progression through the dungeons is also changed in MQ.

But anyway, if MQ, improved graphics, and portability don't matter a lot to you, get the $10 Wii VC version. Though I'm sure you could find OOT3D for only 30 bucks somewhere.
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User Info: Toke4us

6 years ago#19
I've never played it but my copy is ordered from amazon for $30.
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