Sadly, Urban Champion is my favorite 3D Classic so far.

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  3. Sadly, Urban Champion is my favorite 3D Classic so far.

User Info: whitaker6490

6 years ago#1
I mean, let's face it. None of the three released games in the 3D Classics are based on exceptional games. Urban Champion is by far the worst, with it being a less than stellar game even by 1984 standards. Xevious is a well crafted shooter, but very very boring. And arguably the best of the three, Excitebike, was a great game back when it was released, but hasn't aged well at all.

So, the game quality has seemingly gone down with each release in the series. So why would Urban Champion be my favorite?

Simple, the developers aren't to alter the gameplay in any way. So the way they justify the $5-$6 cost is through new aesthetics in the game, mostly the 3D effect. The 3D in Excitebike was fairly useless, and I didn't feel like I was playing anything different from the NES Excitebike. Xevious' 3D was very well implemented and made it even more fun when switching between shooting aerial or grounded enemies, but it still felt just like Xevious.

Akira definitely outdid themselves with their third entry in the series, though. While not altering any of the actual gameplay, they made Urban Champion feel like a completely different (albeit still not good) game. They added new camera angle that almost make you feel like you're not playing an NES game at all. Lastly, in the original, I couldn't bring myself to play more than five or six rounds without taking the game out due to sheer boredom. In the 3D Classics version, however, I lost myself in 54 rounds and actually became addicted to it because of the newly implemented title system. After so many fights, you earn different titles like 'Street Champion' or 'Block Champion'. Something this small gave new life to Urban Champion because unlike the original, at least you earn something for winning.

So, is it now a great game? No, it never will be unless they essentially alter everything. But it's plain to see Akira put way more effort in Urban Champion than they did Excitebike or Xevious.

Let's hope Twinbee is even cooler.
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User Info: Mattperd

6 years ago#2
Get smashed, bro.
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"The epitome of a douche move would be to allow N64 games in 3D classics, then add like, StarFox and OoT." - PhantomSword

User Info: brementer

6 years ago#3
Whats sad is that most people will not view the game as you do. They'll just see it as a POS.
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User Info: Foofyhead

6 years ago#4
Probably because it is a pile of stew.
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User Info: stromvancouver

6 years ago#5
I agree it was better than I thought it would be. I bought it just to have it in my collection, but I really enjoy playing it in shorts bursts. I don't think it's better than xevious though. I play that on all the time.
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User Info: Weavious

6 years ago#6
Its not a good game but it is mindless fun.
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  3. Sadly, Urban Champion is my favorite 3D Classic so far.

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