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User Info: ZXlegends822

6 years ago#1
should i pre order the system? anyone think it'll sell out?

User Info: Spiffy247

6 years ago#2
I would do so.
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User Info: fire2box

6 years ago#3
ZXlegends822 posted...
anyone think it'll sell out?

It might sell out locally right around the holiday season like a few weeks before and after Christmas. But other then minor fixes like a better d-pad that's not just covered with bad paint there's no difference it seems.

Plus looking at nintendo's track record, theres going to be a even better 3DS out at some point. Likely within 2 year at which time there will be a slew of good games at discounted prices anyway.

so pay more now and get some gratification. Buy later and get a lot more gratification.
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