I don't have 3DS

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User Info: plagamesforeva

6 years ago#31
CAPCOM needs to make a 3rd Capcom Classics Collection (Include Super Street Fighter II), Mega Man: Powered Up 2 & Mega Man: Powered Up 3 for the N3DS!

User Info: OmegaZero633

6 years ago#32
Yep, money seems to be there...
So here ya go:

My 3DS FC is 4854-6508-4956.
Let me know if you want to add me so I can add you. :)

User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#33
JP_Sartre posted...
Well, you might not have noticed, but the DS board is sort of inactive these days. I miss some of the guys and gals that posted there. Some of them post here. I like them, so I post here 'cause I miss them.

Since you said this, I decided to check up on the Persona 4 forum. I was pretty active there back when that game was back in '09, and had a popular thread about the GBER that made it to 500 posts. But I don't recognize any of the people currently there, nor do I know where they all went. Catherine boards? I miss the good old days.
Official 3DS Ambassador
Now playing: Atelier Iris 3, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, that game with the mobster on the box

User Info: Foofyhead

6 years ago#34
P4 may be one of the few RPG boards I've never been to.

Beware the moors.
And stay on the road.
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