Is this true? Dual thumb sticks for a future model?

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User Info: drothegreat0ne

5 years ago#21
joshmck13 posted...
"To open up the floodgates for things like a proper Metroid Prime game"

I would consider prime 1 and 2 "proper" and they both used one stick.

Shhh, don't tell him/her that.
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User Info: grans

5 years ago#22

From: trenken | #007
TehWolf115 posted...
I must have skipped the part about it being a rumor. As I read a little more on a different site, it said it was all a rumor and nobody knows for sure. I for one think this is a good idea IF they make games that support this function.

Of course they would. Wouldnt be a reason to add the stick if they werent going to make some FPSs and other games that would use it.

Why do I badly want them to do this? To open up the floodgates for things like a proper Metroid Prime game, and plenty of other sweet games like it that really need that second stick. Hunters was garbage with that awful control scheme.

I seriously doubt you've ever played either Prime game on GC. Otherwise you'd know that Prime 1/2 only use the left analog for movement and aiming. The C stick is exclusively used as a weapons selection, nothing else. Aiming is automatic using a lock on mechanic. They're both amazing games with no control problems too. Then again, they're more than just FPS games (they are hardly ones at all).

Only with MP3 and the Prime collection on Wii has there even been any sort of change to the controls due to the Wiimote. There's nothing stopping a "Prime experience" on the 3DS besides Nintendo and Retro allowing such a thing. 3DS already has more than enough to handle the experience and translate the control scheme perfectly to the 3DS. Saying otherwise is laughable, unless you only consider MP3 the "true" Prime experience (which is hilarious as i do believe the first game is believed by the majority of gamers to be the best in the series, however awesome the sequels are as well).
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: Mattperd

5 years ago#23
trenken posted...
OmegaZero633 posted...
trenken posted...
We'll find out in a couple weeks how much of this is true or not.

Current rumor is a $99 budget model, no 3D for those that dont care about it or cant see it, and dual sticks so they can tap into the massive FPS fanbase, with an attachment for current 3DS models.

We'll see, makes a lot of sense to me though. Could be a huge hit at just 99 bones.

Where did the 99 bucks come from. o.o

Just a rough guess, could be $129. Who knows. Bottom line is if nintendo has any brains, which they really havent had a lot of as of late, this would be a very wise move.

Tap into the FPS fanbase, get a cheaper model, dump 3D for the many that dont care about it or are bothered by it.

This whole rumor has "logical" written all over it. But then again Nintendo seems to be confused as to what to do lately, so if they didnt make this they would be complete idiots, which would not surprise me one bit.

Funny thing about rumors, they expand every time someone talks about it. Almost everything here was made up, upon made up, upon made up.

It's really getting out of hand. Although there's only a few choice users who reallllyy work it up.
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User Info: Foofyhead

5 years ago#24
Like that Mattperd turd (forgive me, you had it coming, well you didn't really, but I think it was necessary, OK, so it wasn't necessary, but I think it matters not, OK, so it matters because name-calling is against the ToS, and I'm liable to get modded, OK, so the mods aren't going to mod me this time, because they know I'm just kidding, and Matturd knows it too!).
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