Can i charge my 3DS in my car?

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User Info: Solid_Mike86

6 years ago#1
Is there even a car charger for it yet? I'm going on a long trip next week and was just wondering if there was anything i could do to keep the battery life going instead of it dying in 3 hours lol.
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User Info: niels200683

6 years ago#2
You can, buy the DSi car charger (same charge ports)
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User Info: robomasteralpha

6 years ago#3
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User Info: VFXman

6 years ago#4
I have an adapter that works with any plug in. I used my 3ds as in mp3 player for a 16hr trip last month.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#5
1. usb charger
2. portable battery powered charger
3. car charger

1/3 are DSi specific ones.
#2 can be used with any electronic product.
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User Info: Foofyhead

6 years ago#6
I have two chargers for my car (both 3DS ones, but yeah DSi-Capable).
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User Info: hatemakingnames

6 years ago#7
Yeah, don't waste money on a 3DS/DSi adapter. Just get one that will work with everything you'll ever need to charge:
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