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User Info: Discomaster

5 years ago#1
Just throwing another idea out there. As hopeless as it may seem to be to post these ideas when it's not likely it'll ever reach the desks of Nintendo's leaders, but hey, I think ideas are fun, so whatever.

What if Pokemon was changed to being a downloadable game rather than a cart based one? Do it like this: Prior to launch, release on the eShop the Pokemon Hub. Pokemon Hub will be a huge Pokemon center with a trading area, battle arena, contest area and virtual environment. The first three I think are self-explanatory, but the virtual environment would be a place similar to a safari, but would be a mock-up environment where you can catch a very small number of Pokemon from each game, and battle them to use them in the hub. All of this would just be a free service to give people an idea what to expect from the coming expansions. When you first launch the Hub, you create your character, and during the process you pick things like hair color/style, clothing, gender, etc. and what you pick will affect the world overall. If they wanted to be clever, they could make this affect the upcoming expansions as well, by making certain Pokemon react to certain details.

Each expansion could be sold as a ticket to a specific region. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, etc. The region tickets are purchased at the eShop, and it allows you, from the Hub, to travel to a distant land to defeat gym leaders, collect badges and catch monsters. You are only given a Pokedex at start that has information for the monsters of that region, so only monsters from that region can be in your party at first, but upon completing all objectives for that region, you are given an International Pokedex upgrade that allows you to trade and view data of every Pokemon in all regions, so then you can carry any Pokemon and trade for any Pokemon, in any region. You could also buy tickets for other regions to expand your badge collection, catch more monsters, etc.

I think it would make the game more fluid since updates could fix any issues, whole new regions with new monsters could still be sold at a premium and would blend seamlessly into the rest of the game... It would make Pokemon basically eternalized as a whole. Gone would be the days of new games making old ones obsolete, thus having to create remakes of the old games to round things out again... The technology is there, and it's ripe for this sort of thing.

Comments? Suggestions? Too much blog on the message boards... although honestly, isn't this better than mass topics on a 3DS redesign?

User Info: GuitarGuruu16

5 years ago#2
Not saying I disagree with the idea, I think it's a great idea for basically a Pokemon MMO, or the 5 region game people keep crying for. But I like the way Pokemon is right now, if they keep pumping out the single games, along with a mmo / adventure eShop game, then hey go for it. It'd make them plenty of money, if not just because its Pokemon.
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