Be cautious about your pre-orders etc from Gamestop

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User Info: DBPanterA

5 years ago#51
I think the last time I bought a game from them was 6 years ago. When there are so many other retailers that sell video games, why would you go there? What is the purpose of buying a game from them on launch and not at one of its competitors? You go to any of their competitors when the store opens, or if is is a big time release pre-order at the competitor, and you are fine.
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User Info: OoSubaruoO

5 years ago#52
My god, you lot have such a vendetta against Gamestop, it's not even funny. Just because you've had horrible experiences at one, doesn't mean every single Gamestop does the same things. You guys must live in terrible locations.

User Info: IcedEarthaholic

5 years ago#53
I think it sucks that some Gamestops are doing this, to be quite frank I agree, it's quite sleazy and deserves to be exposed. I, personally, am not getting the game myself for a long while, but like I said, it sucks for those whom want it. It's ridiculous to think that this is okay, because it's not. I can only hope the Gamestops in my area, of which there are four of them, aren't partaking in this practice.

Main reason being? I actualy like them, the employees are excellent and always pleasant to me, and while they ask if I want to pre-order alot, more often if I say "I'm all set for now." they back off because I'm a regular and I think they know if they piss me off, I'll not only take my business elsehwere, I'll spread the word and do alot of damage to their business. Still, I love the fact that I can preorder a game I know I want and pay it off bit by bit until it's paid in full. It's like a layaway of sorts until I get the item I know I want.
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User Info: WRRYYYYers

5 years ago#54

From: Mariofan15 | #042
Those games pretty much are used if Gamestop employee's are allowed to play them first and then sell them off as new.

From: shampoowarrior | #043
You're really saying that there's nothing wrong with buying a pre-played disc and being charged as if it was new?

That's taking Gamestop apologism to a whole new level.

I work for Gamestop and I know what they do and if I cared about it I'd buy used (which I do when possible), but I don't throw a hissyfit if my blurays are preplayed because it literally does not matter in the least.
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User Info: simondaking

5 years ago#55
If it's not sealed, I would class it as 2nd hand.
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User Info: KGTrigger

5 years ago#56

From: Second_Chances | #021
>buying PC games at gamestop


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User Info: w00dm4n

5 years ago#57
i bought Final Fantasy XI for the PC, got home and one of the Gamestop employees had used the code.

but if they don't want OnLive then why do they allow EA or Valve games if they have a Digital Download store?

User Info: Lum_Yatsura

5 years ago#58
Best general advice is use common sense. Inspect game conditions, factor in added costs such as postage or sales tax, keep up to date on typical selling prices...

GS like other retailers is only one of many avenues to explore when looking for the right deal on a game. No single place barring piracy ever has lowest prices on all titles they offer at a given moment.

As for this code removal I don't think all that many users will miss it. But it's no good precedent. I'd say publishers letting stores know what will be placed on their shelves is the right thing to do. While a retailer removing content from items' packages then proceeding to sell said items as new anyway, is not.
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User Info: Jiryn

5 years ago#59
Un_Flugel posted...
This is pretty ridiculous tbh... Portal 2 on PS3 came with a free steam version, they didn't mind that did they?

Because Gamestop was offering the SAME said games free for their PC Pre-Order bonus. While Square/Eidos was giving the same offer free with EVERY game.

Meaning the Pre-Order bonus was removed.
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