Remaining five NES games.

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User Info: Zanimar

6 years ago#21
Yah know, they should bring back Wario's Woods. Have Wario's Woods 3D with all new modes and what not, would be nice to see that game make a comeback. ^_^
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User Info: TectonicImprov

6 years ago#22
Fick1122 posted...
Earthbound Zero
Megaman 2
Dragon Warrior III

I wish.

Actually, Startropics is a pretty good possibility.

User Info: CosmoKramer4700

6 years ago#23
Kid Icarus
Zelda II
Punch Out
Super Mario Bros. 3
Gutalala Sudalala
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User Info: Marioguy5

6 years ago#24
Wario's Woods----Yes.
Mach Rider----Meh.I could do without.
Kid Icarus----YES!
Donkey Kong----As stated,we already have enough Donkey Kong games at the moment.
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