Starting to lose faith the in StreetPass idea.

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User Info: stromvancouver

6 years ago#41
I have 23 tags in the portland area
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User Info: hypermoe

6 years ago#42
Well you might just be there at the wrong time.

I live in hawaii and on my way to school i usually get between 3-10 streetpass usually all from the same people, but i get new people sometimes. Plus it helps if you go to conventions, expos, etc where majority people would likely to bring their electronics. Like this past April we had an Anime convention that basically made me complete most of the puzzle, and beat Find Mii once while letting me almost finish the second playthrough.
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User Info: MKVarana

6 years ago#43
I currently have 283 people in my Mii Plaza, but almost all of them were from Otakon.

I'd have a lot more if it weren't for that 10 person limit...
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User Info: AndrewDean84x

6 years ago#44
I've got 57. I took my 3DS to Disneyland. Also, I always get a few hits whenever I go to the movies.
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User Info: hatemakingnames

6 years ago#45
I've had it since launch.

I live in a pretty well off area in the suburbs of around 150,000 people.

I've taken it out shopping, to movies, 3 baseball games, bars, etc.

Over 100,000 steps with it (Probably would have got more if I wasn't sick of trying..)

I got my first legit streetpass just a few days ago at the third baseball game. (The non-legit ones were 2 streetpasses from the same demo unit at target..)

User Info: xxtearg0dxx

6 years ago#46
Don't lose faith in StreetPass, trust me there are plenty of people to meet up and play with and exchange StreetPass data with they just need to be found. Check out the following link below and see if your State/City has a StreetPass meet up group.

If it doesn't, you could create one if you are up for it, just make a facebook page for your StreetPass group invite your friends in the area that have a 3DS and hold active meet ups at lets say your local GameStop to start. That way when you see others with a 3DS you can spread the word maybe hand out a flyer to them.

User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#47
The midwest seems pretty barren. I think it's lack of population, and after working xbox customer support I'm pretty sure the middle owns nothing but 360s and Black Ops. You probably didn't get many in DC because the crime rate is through the roof and taking electronics outside is asking for a mugging. The Pacific Northwest is crammed with gamers. They're giving thousands of Onlive consoles away at PAX!
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