C/D: This board is only really good for laughs.

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User Info: endoflevelboss

6 years ago#11
eragonman9 posted...
Neutral. I guess some attempts at trolling can be funny, but there is just too many rumors to find out any actual information that can help me find out if or when I will buy a 3DS.

If it's any use I'm genuinely pleased with the 3DS. I never expected the 3D effect to be more than a gimmick but I find it is a really neat trick and I've enjoyed it a lot. In some games (Zelda, Mercs, DOA) the graphics feel like a significant step up from the DS. At the new price I think it's a steal. Seriously the device needs some love.

There are downsides. If you get one I'd recommend a top screen protector and leaving a cloth (or the film that comes with it) between the screens when closed because the bottom screen border leaving little marks and scratches is an issue. The main negative I see is that stores here (UK) don't seem to be behind it. At my local GAME the 3DS is tucked in a corner and the games selection is tiny (only a subset of the games that have been released). If enough people buy it at the new price though that can change.

That's my view anyway. The redesign that everyone's talking about will come eventually (although I doubt the control layout will change drastically) but it's very unlikely to be announced this year because they won't want to give anyone a reason to be put off picking up the current 3DS at the new price during holiday season. So if you fancy one I'd say treat yourself :-)

User Info: 587Deathking

6 years ago#12
CCCCCCCCC its so freaking funny hoe a lot of people are talking about the 3DS redesign and practically going like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fEjJ4Ecy9Q&list=FLiqm1mdkgkEfheJJ__-T74A&index=13&feature=plpp
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User Info: Sid3wind3r12

6 years ago#13
C. This board has inspired me to make some pudding
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User Info: Mattperd

6 years ago#14
I could lead you to some really good topics.

^ One that I made where so far the discussion is pretty good. Shows why people are angry, why people are pretty satisfied and has little flaming.

^ The Thread that started a few fads on this site. "Viciously make out with her".

^ Starts off lame, but it gets so derailed it's really funny. Even some serious posters went in for some sarcasm- it was great.

There was a few more such as most of PhantomSword's topics. He normally finds news quick. And there's a couple topics that start off lame but pick up. Such as that one about the OP being embarrassed to play a DS, but proud to play a PSP.

EDIT: This one leads to a different board, but asks about people's thoughts on a game that uses all the Links from the Zelda series:

OBJECTION! ... in 3D!
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User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#15
D. It's okay for laughs some times. I'd rather just talk about 3DS stuff that actually exists and ignore all the fad topics.
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