You know, the 3DS can't die. It's logically impossible.

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User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#21
xCha0s posted...
How is making gaming easier inherently bad?

because the only people who would quit a game because it has an ounce of difficulty, are people who havent been gaming for very long and dont devote a lot of time to the hobby...the exact people that nintendo has been catering to full force. why bother wasting your time on them if it means alienating your already established fanbase?

Yeah, go beat World 9 of NSMBW without dying or try and beat all the staff ghosts on MKW and then we'll further investigate these "easier gaming" trends.
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User Info: xCha0s

6 years ago#22
the 3DS wont die in sales in the long run once the nintendo flagship games come out, but hardcore fan support is dwindling, i dont think theres anything wrong with that thought...

User Info: toma13

6 years ago#23
simondaking posted...
"hardcore gamers" who "grew up on Halo"

Makes me laugh everytime.

True hardcore gamers are the ones who have a stack of 3 grey NES's in their basement. They're the ones who picked up a TurboGrafx 16 controller at a thrift shop even though they didn't have a TG16 yet. True hardcore gamers have so many attachments shoved into their Genesis that it looks like a stand-up vacuum cleaner. They've spent hours, days, even years of their lives staring at a hex editor. True hardcore gamers don't care that the Wii isn't hardcore enough. They play games to have fun, not because everyone else is doing it. True hardcore gamers don't think they're too cool to play CoD with their friends, but it's also not the only game they play. Two years ago they played Guitar Hero with the same people, even though those people claim to hate it now. True gamers don't care. They'll still admit that they liked it. True hardcore gamers still have their Gamecube hooked up next to their Wii because it has Game Boy Player support. They also still use their Super Game Boy when they play Donkey Kong. True hardcore games didn't give up on their first 360 when it RROD'd. They ripped the thing apart, replaced the x-clamp on the heat sink with bolts and washers, and got an extra year of play out of the thing before it finally died. True hardcore gamers were making games in TI-Basic instead of listening in Math class. They've also played Halo, but they definitely grew up a long time before that.
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User Info: MasterEchu

6 years ago#24
NINTENDOS money grubbing? and sony isnt?
If Nintendos greedy, sony and mcirosoft are doubly so, not to mention they dont care about gaming at all. A basic gaming history lesson will tell you that
Morality is not fleeting, games or alternate realities will not change what is right and wrong if you reallly belive in them.
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User Info: L0L_FAQ

6 years ago#25
reassurance topic
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User Info: legendarylemur

6 years ago#26
L0L_FAQ posted...
reassurance topic

No, this is more of an opinions topic
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  3. You know, the 3DS can't die. It's logically impossible.

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