reason for low res screen

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User Info: GameMaster14GM

6 years ago#1
my take on the matter for the screens to be low res was merely cost on different levels. but not just cost, the fact that 3d projects 2 screens and a separate 3rd for a total of 3 and not just 2 or vita's/psp's 1 screen. nintendo wanted to go with 3D, but im sure making higher res screens was an idea, but trying to make the costs low must have been hard, i mean 300-500 dollar smartphones should have retina displays, its 300-500 freakin dollars. If nintendo added a higher res to all 3 screens, it would def kill the battery even more with backlight, they would probs need more RAM as higher res uses up more memory and processing power, so nintendo would have to beef all this up not just the screens.

imo the screens are fine, the bottom is usually always a HUD, so graphics never matter on the bottom screen now. the top has a more crisp display when in 3D, each eye even sees more on the left and right sides of the screen (right eye sees more on the left end of the screen and vice versa) so the display is really just fine.

you think vita would be as graphically heavy if it were to add auto-stereoscopic 3D screens, a 3rd screen, and hold good battery power, maintain graphics and pricing? i dont think so. im not trying to put vita/sony down or anything, i'm just saying.i just dont think nintendo is THAT cheap.

what they need to do though is release better eshop games though. only bought LoZ:LA and Lets Golf >.>
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User Info: robulastage

6 years ago#2
GameMaster14GM posted...
imo the screens are fine, the bottom is usually always

Usually always? I heard that 60% of the time that's true every time...
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User Info: elheber

6 years ago#3
Although the resolution can be bumped up without interfering with the parallax barrier, I can assure you one thing:

The 3DS will NEVER have an OLED display. It just doesn't work with this parallax barrier technology, or any parallax barrier technology I can imagine ever working. Unlike LCDs where each pixel can be any hue/value, an OLED display has individual RGB diodes (dots) like old CRT displays.

That means that if you put a parallax barrier on top of it, the sweet spot becomes extremely small because, instead of seeing a little ghosting from the "other" pixels, you'll see the completely wrong diode of another RGB cluster. For example, instead of seeing an RGB cluster when you move slightly to the left, you'll see a "GBR" cluster where the red dot is meant to be the red component of the next cluster for the other eye.

The only way you'll see an OLED display on the 3DS is if they make another type of technology to split the images for your eyes, or if they vertically stack the RGB clusters so red is above green above blue... which, now that I think about it.... it's quite plausible.

And I spend all this time writing this whole thing up just to realize how plausible it could be in the end. *facepalm*
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User Info: shampoowarrior

6 years ago#4

The main point I want to agree on is that for $300-500 smartphones should have retina scans.

Hell, my workplace does fingerprint scans to clock in and they're one of the cheapest mother****ing companies on the face of this terribly polluted and doomed green earth.
To a kid lookin' up to me, life ain't nothin' but pixels and money.

User Info: elheber

6 years ago#5
I'm not sure if you're being serious, shampoowarrior.
"A closet intellectual, he acts dumb to impress women."
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