Why doesn't the eShop have sales?

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User Info: Vyers

5 years ago#71
Bladin posted...
are you people really that dense?

It is entirely about devalueing.

Look at what iapps has done, they have completely destroyed the value of games to the consumer.

"you can say well they sell more!"

Not always. You can say "but 100 people buying for 2 is more than 20 people buying for 7"

But when your expected target is 10,000(just a random number) if you sold that for 2, youd make 20,000, to make that same 20,000 youd have to sell 2857 copies. Which is CONSIDERABLY less copies to sell.

20,000 sells at 1
10,000 sells at 2
2,857 sells at 7

now if all your games cost around the same, without any sort of "wait for the next sale" mentality, hitting the 2,857 mark would be much easier then either of the others. Whereas if you release games for 1$ sure more people will pick them up... but is it enough?

Then we get games like dsiware "why would i spend 15 on shantae(just random game and price, i dont know the actual cost) when i could buy 15 games for 1$!"

And therein lies the problem, you have to make games SO cheaply and to try to be as mass marketable as possible, in order to get the most profit, since each sell for a high budget game would have very very little return for the developer untill it reached a certain point.

For example once the eshop is full of gb gbc etc games, if they were all 1-2$.

Then we get into even further arguements, why would i buy XX retail release for 40, when i could buy 40 games on the marketplace for 1$!

We as gamers DONT want games to devalue, because the lower the value the lower the budget, the lower the budget the lower the quality, the lower the quality, the lower the sales, the lower the sales the lower the budget.

Are you gamers really as shallow that you can't see that short term sales don't outweigh the negative effects on the industry?

Everyone always quotes angry birds selling a million copies. Well guess what. Thats fantastic, clearly every game on the marketplace sells that well and thrives... right?....right...?


Valve has the most popular digital distribution service.

Valve has the most drastic sales for any digital distribution service.

I guess that when you have the best digital service and do the most sales, then clearly, sales somehow HURT digital distribution platforms.

There's been nothing to indicate that WiiWare, DSiWare, or the eShop have succeeded in any way, and all indications that their shops are not developer-friendly.

Has there been any indication that major dd sales hurt the value of games?
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User Info: Bendilin

5 years ago#72
Vyers posted...
Has there been any indication that major dd sales hurt the value of games?

Steam and the Humble Indie Bundles have pretty much proven the opposite; Sales, or even letting people pay the amount of money they want (even if it's only a penny), actually brings in more money than the games would have earned if they were priced normally and never went on sale.
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