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Is the 3ds virtual console weak?

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User Info: Mewtwo64

5 years ago#11
pikachupwnage posted...

theres only so many good GB games they need to space them out.

I disagree, more so since the very first VC game was a GBC Game. And they've confirmed GBA and GG games will be made available as well.

So in retrospect the CHOICE of quality games is enormous. IF they release Pokemon RedBlue/Yellow (which I doubt they could get away with without implementing multiplayer) they'd likely hold off releasing it to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of the release of Ruby & Sapphire or the first 3DS Pokemon Games.

...That's what they did with Link's Awakening DX when OoT:3D was released and they did it with Super Smash Bros. (N64) when Brawl was released).
From what I have heard, the PSP Go not only replaces your regular PSP, but Sony sends it's secret goons to your house to set your UMD's on fire.
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