Instead of Yoshi

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User Info: Baha05

6 years ago#1
You know what would have been a trip? Deja Vu, it would have been a good game to add to the list.

User Info: capgamer

6 years ago#2
Clu Clu Land, Tetris, or Wario's Woods woulda been better IMO
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User Info: Baha05

6 years ago#3
Forgot Dr. Mario

User Info: ssbmrocks

6 years ago#4
I only have the SNES version of Wario's Woods, and I didn't even know it was originally on the NES first until today. How much did the SNES version improve on it, just curious? It's my favorite puzzle game.
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User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#5
Wario's Woods for sure. I've been playing the crap out of it on the SNES as of late. Fun stuff!
But Clu-Clu Land was also fun, played that via Animal Crossing, why did it never get any sequels?
"Fire must be a bad because it's old. The wheel must be bad because it's old. Everything old is horrible and SHOULD be updated." -MechaKoopa5000
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