No NES save states?

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User Info: CPFace

6 years ago#1
The Virtual Console menu for all NES games seems to be just "Resume Game" or "Reset". It'll still save your current position when you return to the Home menu, but it doesn't look like you get the option to have a persistent save state like you do for GB games.
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User Info: Shift Breaker

Shift Breaker
6 years ago#2
From nintendo themselves...

- Does not include the “Restore Point” function (which allows you to create and load restore points at any time while gameplay) usually included in the Virtual Console Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.
- However, it will include the “VC Suspend” function (which allows you to save the game when you suspend play by pressing the HOME Button). The official version* (which will be delivered at a later date) will support the Restore Points function - My RB3/GH:WoR songs.
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