I'm as giddy as a school girl!

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User Info: iLLsteeze

6 years ago#11
CorruptedRPG posted...
linkrules2 | Posted 8/31/2011 12:02:33 PM | message detail | quote
You guys always gotta piss on the people who actually appreciate stuff parade

Final Fantasy2389 | Posted 8/31/2011 12:07:43 PM | message detail | quote
Maybe if you have ADD these won't hold you over a while.

Personally, I can play NES games for a long while. Improving scores and my skills.

Nintendo Defense Force at it again. Excuse us for not wanting to replay NES games dozens of times until Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 come out.

no, theyre right. you glass all empty guys really need to lighten up.
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User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#12
Final Fantasy2389 | Posted 8/31/2011 12:17:31 PM | message detail | quote
Yet, on the opposite end, when you actually post something good towards Nintendo, you're part of some Nintendo Defense Force.

This board if f***ing ridiculous and full of hypocrites.

Too bad you're defending Nintendo AND insulting others in the process. These games can last a while but there's no way someone will tolerate playing them for 3-4 months straight.

User Info: Sweepzz

6 years ago#13
I payed attention to the topic title and then it happened... I scrolled down and became immersed in a world of horror... Every direction left... right... There was a scent, something so foul and dark... Something FILLED WITH LIES. It was the trolls they say, I have not yet seen these entities, but I am here now... To fight! I shall fight them and end them all! Prepare for true terror!!!
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User Info: keyblader1985

6 years ago#14
I absolutely hate this board.
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User Info: r_m_8_8

6 years ago#15
See, some of us had a NES (or older consoles) back in the day. Some of us can enjoy a classic game for more than 15 minutes. This "there's no way people will enjoy this stuff more than I do" attitude is ridiculous. Can't wait to get home and play through Zelda II, personally.
Play games, not systems. There are people who like games that you don't, grow up.

User Info: CAPSAR

6 years ago#16
vectorman5 posted...
They should have just given people their money back in eshop cash. Anyone who knows the Konami code would know these games aren't worth 80 bucks.

I thought everyone knew that? I mean it's been around since like time began.
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User Info: Jelley0

6 years ago#17
The Excitebike game we got a while back is holding me over better than Oot of time is. I like all the games on here except Golf...
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User Info: drothegreat0ne

6 years ago#18
Holy s***! You trolls are nitpicking now. It's obvious you'll never be satisfied.

I can see the complaints now for when the GBA games release.
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User Info: nintendogger

6 years ago#19
I'm with TC. Gonna be playing these on/off for a LONG time.
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