getting the games right now

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User Info: phantomvonreape

6 years ago#1
hey is anyone else downloading the games? japan is getting them today and i just check my 3DS and they are ready. i just posted a pic on twitter @ys0s3ri0us
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User Info: kjhovey

6 years ago#2
Japan had them yesterday and there's already a few topics on the first page of topics about this.

Please, check the boards before posting something like this.
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User Info: Jeraleep

6 years ago#3
thanks, i have them now too thanks to you!
Proud hater of Team PS3rd place

User Info: DH2007

6 years ago#4
How? I just checked the e shop and I can't find them.
I believe the technical term is "Stick-em powers".
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