I like how at First...

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User Info: Soanevalcke6

6 years ago#1
Everyone was complaining about how Nintendo Picked Balloon Fight, and now you see all these topics loving it =P

Its amazing that alot of people havent played this NES Classic Before haha
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User Info: MSAddict

6 years ago#2
I first played in Animal Crossing. I was addicted.
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User Info: elihuaran

6 years ago#3
I admit I haven't played Balloon Fight before. That being said, I never bashed it beforehand. I was looking forward to playing a "new" game that I had never experienced before.

I loved Joust, and once I realized that I had played this game before, ala Joust, I took to it instantly. That, and Ballon Trip or whatever it's called, is so difficult, it's fun
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