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User Info: DarkKamonG

6 years ago#11
Gdboyratedloud posted...
^good. With the 3DS and the Wii U coming I'm sure raw power won't be a problem like Reggie said :) OT: the Wii U high density disc = blue Ray right???? No need for multiple disc right? Final Fantasy XIII 360 I'm looking at u ;)

It's a proprietary disc that can hold at least 25GB, and should be able to hold up to 50GB if they can create dual layered discs, so yeah there shouldn't be any disc swapping.

User Info: masschamber

6 years ago#12
given the only 3 details known about the 3ds is that it has 128MB of FCram, an uncertain arm processor (arm11 seems likely) and an uncertain dmp pica processor nothing is really known about it.
as far as subjective comparisons you'll get know where, people will throw out screen shots and make ridiculous claims, remember people will claim something technically inferior looks better. Such as the ps2 port of Resident Evil 4,
right now their are 3 undeniable things that can be said the 3ds has over the psp
More modern architecture (Shading etc), Ram, and doesn't rely full screen dithering (a mesh effect that reduces fill requirements and seen in many psp games) second it is a certainty that 3d requires more processing power,
and the 3ds is still in its first generation of software, as studios become more proficient with the hardware they will get better visuals out of it
though if tekken does run at 60 fps in and looks like the current screenshots any claims of superiority with the psp should be put down
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