My opinions on the ambassador games.

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User Info: Marioguy5

6 years ago#1
Yoshi is a fun and unique pick-up-and-play puzzle game. The concept of switching platforms instead of controlling the falling objects is a nice twist. 7/10

Ice Climber is seriously underrated,IMO. It is quite difficult,and the jumping is a bit lame,but it's a great arcade game. 7.5/10

Balloon Fight is also pretty good. It's fun and addicting,but it gets old pretty quick. 6.5/10

Donkey Kong Jr. is SO HARD. Seriously,I usually can't get past level 2... 5.5/10

NES Open Golf Tournament is probably my least favorite. It is very generic and difficult to play,but is still an OK game. 5.5/10

Wrecking Crew is actually not all that bad. Often,you get infuriated by an "Impossible level",and the enemies are SO annoying,but it is a creative puzzle game nonetheless. 6/10

Legend of Zelda is awesome. It has catchy music,a cool concept,and actually gives you quite a bit of playtime. My only real complaint is that they don't give you any idea of where you need to go,what you need to do,or why. 8.5/10

Metroid is also a classic. It is extremely annoying how there are no save points,but all in all,it is a fun game if you like exploration. 7.5/10

Super Mario Bros. is the king of classics....metaphorically,at least. It is brilliant,and has epic music and unique gameplay,but it's easy to play to death(play it to the point where it's just repetitive and not fun anymore). 8/10

I haven't played Zelda II yet.

TL;DR=I like my gaems.
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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#2
The only one I actually love is Mario. Zelda 1 is a nightmare to play without a map but at least it has saving. Metroid I wont even bother with. I never liked that first one. No saving, no map. It's just a total annoyance to play. Id rather just go play zero mission or super metroid, 2 significantly superior games.
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