Head count, whos buying star fox next friday?

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  3. Head count, whos buying star fox next friday?

User Info: Starwars4J

6 years ago#11
Can't wait!
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User Info: kamikaze135

6 years ago#12
I'll get it eventually
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User Info: ConfusionOmni

6 years ago#13
Another spaceship shooter needs my money. Otomedius Excellent.
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User Info: Galaxy_Nova

6 years ago#14
$40 + tax for a game that I can beat in 20 mins...hmmmm.
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User Info: lolman7712

6 years ago#15
I'll be getting it. Never owned the original, and having this on the go as well as single-card multiplayer to play with my friends is pretty good to me.
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User Info: Madaggar

6 years ago#16
I will wait for a sale.
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  3. Head count, whos buying star fox next friday?

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