Stop acting like everyone should be grateful for the "free" games.

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6 years ago#231
Jelley0 posted...
Hey, Jelly0, we didn't settle Luigi's Mansion 2 argument, did we? You just left that topic to die. Now look at 'ya! Saying crap about a system that is doing good as we speak. You went from games to handhelds. What next? TV's? Then cities? Then Countries?!

Just let this topic die, folks.

I didn't finish the Luigi's Mansion 2 argument because I lost interest and I realized there was nothing I could do to convince you that Luigi's Mansion 2 was not shaping up well.

Hah. Is that your excuse of losing a argument? You ***** about everything! It's really getting annoying. Especially knowing the fact that you're letting this topic die. And what did I do? Yup, revived it back alive. So you can see this and you can finish what you started.

User Info: soulofninjasoul

6 years ago#232
Jelley0 posted...
Look, Nintendo overcharged for their 3DS just because it got positive reception at E3. You know why people bought it early? Because people didn't think the price would drop so soon, people told themselves they might as well just get it now since I have the money and it wouldn't make a difference if I were to purchase it later. No one in the right mind would have bought it that soon if they knew the price would drop after 5 months, it's not like they were missing out on any games, so there was no good reason to buy one early. It really does tell us that we're suckers. Nintendo knew people would be pissed off because they more or less scammed 80 bucks out of people, their attempt to compensate them to not lose them as future customers was to give people free games. They're old games at that, not even physical games, games we played before, they're just roms. If you feel compensated, then good for you, but some people don't feel that way, and you guys need to get that through your head. Quit telling people that they should be grateful when there are good reasons as to why we shouldn't be.

It reminds me all too much of some guy being a jerk to his girl friend, he knows he f'd up bad so he tries to bribe her back with gifts. Sometimes sorry isn't good enough.

I believe that your stretching the truth to say that Nintendo "scammed" people.
That implies that the company deceitfully committed a act of fraud against it's customers which is simply not true.

The analogy of a guy being a jerk to his girlfriend completely does not work.
I can't draw a comparison to one buying the 3ds and it not going as well as expected to the guy being a jerk to his girlfriend.

Yes, they are just roms. Yes, they can still make money off of them.
Yes, those intellectual properties are still active. If you want to LEGALLY play those games, then this is good.

I for once would have preferred something different than emulated NES games.
Other than emulation and coding, its virtually free for Nintendo to compensate 80.00 in "imaginary dollars" with VC games.
Life is an S.T.D with a 100% Mortality rate.

User Info: soulofninjasoul

6 years ago#233
noutBr posted...
This topic makes it perfectly clear that the majority of people on this board are perfectly fine kissing Nintendo's behind.

When we buy something we are responsible and yes I thought it was worth my €250 to get a machine on which I could play Star Fox, Mario Kart, Zelda and other promising games on. However, the truth is that I bought it for the future games thinking I might as well get it now because it won't go down in price anytime soon since it just got released. I bought all Nintendo's consoles and handhelds at launch and never regretted that in the past so...why not?

And the NES games are certainly not nearly enough compensation for that, Nintendo ****ed up towards it's most loyal fans and if they didn't give them some form of compensation they would risk losing them as customers and receive a lot of bad press and publicity.

I'm not going to whine when I'm not compensated though because I talk with my wallet. I'm still pissed at Nintendo but for other things than the pricecut and meager compensation towards the loyal fans. Region lock, no online in Star Fox, worthless launch games like the lazy Pilotwings Resort, too slow e-Shop line-up, no option to play VC games with Y-B instead of the uncomfortable A-B combo and more. THAT's what pisses me off about Nintendo and if you like that kind of business practice then good for you.

this completely.
Life is an S.T.D with a 100% Mortality rate.

User Info: Metallix1000

6 years ago#234
lmfao at _Candice_ post
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User Info: teh1337gosu

6 years ago#235
I would feel betrayed. Even 20 free topics would never make up for it.

How about 10 topics now, and 10 better topics in December?
Yvan eht nioj
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