Rumored Update for 3DS

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User Info: sevlom

6 years ago#11,news-12260.html

User Info: Shikixtohno

6 years ago#12
Your language is confusing. You mean a new iteration or updated model?

It first sounds like a firmware update.
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User Info: sevlom

6 years ago#13
I meant updated model sorry for the confusion.

User Info: Jorgezx

6 years ago#14
I guess you don't own an IPhone?
Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.- Plato

User Info: Discomaster

6 years ago#15
Jorgezx posted...
I guess you don't own an IPhone?

iPhone isn't a gaming console, it's a smartphone. A smartphone is basically just a mobile computer that also works as a phone. They're not made to play games, it just so happens that games are a common type of app. Each update improves the hardware and makes the common programs more functional and efficient.

Games made for dedicated gaming hardware are actually built around pushing the systems limits. Whenever a newer version of a gaming system comes out, it doesn't change the CPU, GPU or anything like that... it all stays the same. Only the exterior changes to either make it smaller, or more comfortable to use. You can't really compare that to the iPhone.

User Info: meteorite333

6 years ago#16
I guess if they do that's a good thing for those of us who haven't bought one yet.

User Info: toma13

6 years ago#17
FefnirOmega13 posted...
lemonorangelime posted...
I don't think Ninty would redesign the 3DS so that the older version becomes obsolete. It'd just be stupid.

They did something similar to this during last year iirc- They brought out news on their new console - The 3DS- before the XL/LL had even been launched in America.

Sure, it's not a redesign of the XL, but it's still something similar.

The XL wasn't really a redesign or update though. It's just a different size option for an already existing system. Aside from the size, it's identical to the DSi in every way.
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