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User Info: 587Deathking

5 years ago#1
a pic
Bring Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu to America. Also The 2DS already exists. It's called the DS.

User Info: sumostickfigure

5 years ago#2
This would have been funnier if:
1. You threw a punchline in there somewhere, and
2. This pic hadn't already been posted here.
If you want a picture of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.

User Info: Magozi

5 years ago#3
*opens and reads topic*
*expects yo dawg 3DS with a billion slide pads*
*copy and pastes link*
*sees exact picture*

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I recommend that you don't take a single thing I have to say seriously in the slightest.

User Info: Lord_Frood

5 years ago#4
Still not enough.
"Fire must be a bad because it's old. The wheel must be bad because it's old. Everything old is horrible and SHOULD be updated." -MechaKoopa5000

User Info: StarlightDrive

5 years ago#5
It was pretty sunny yesturday, and now it's pretty cOLD in here.

User Info: Neverender_IV

5 years ago#6
that is one pimped out 3ds.

Is... is that a circle pad.. on top of a circle pad? lol

User Info: ORANGE666

5 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of a MAD scilla moderator]

User Info: Dark-Kakashi

5 years ago#8
587Deathking posted...
a pic

Yo dawg...

User Info: strongo9

5 years ago#9
Copying somebody else's awesome topic in an attempt to be funny? Pathetic.
Want Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2,
Kid Icarus: Uprising, Kirby Mass Attack, Kirby's Return to Dreamland and Skyward Sword!

User Info: Neverender_IV

5 years ago#10
Oh, i guess i'm the only one who hadn't seen that pic yet. :(
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