Majora's Mask or Wind Waker?

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User Info: Korlithiel

5 years ago#41
Majora's Mask as I would much rather replay it, especially since I've got friends who would buy a 3DS the day that game was announced.
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User Info: Jorgezx

5 years ago#42
Majoras Mask. Wind Waker is beatiful enough.
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User Info: strongo9

5 years ago#43
DahlVaughnni posted...
Majora's Mask. It's older, and would bundle well with OOT.

Wind Waker is on a system that's still readily available at a lot of retailers for dirt cheap and still looks good even on an HDTV.

MM needs it more. Not to mention the entire engine for MM is already built, with textures, models, scripting etc. It's already half done before development even starts.

This. On top of that MM is a much better game than WW. WW will most likely release on the Wii U VC.
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User Info: HermanTuttle

5 years ago#44
Wind Waker plays on the Wii.

User Info: NinjaKitsune

5 years ago#45
Okami. Yeah it's not technically a zelda game, but we've got all the buttons we need and I want portable original okami, dangit.
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User Info: MattKorner

5 years ago#46
I want to go with MM for now. I have it on the Zelda Collectors Edition on the GC, and it kinda freezes now and again on the Wii. Not like how I had it on the N64...
And I don't want to pay $10 for an exact copy of the exact same game I have on the exact same system. I would rather have a remake. The effects in cutscenes were kinda blurry in MM. (By fault or by choice, I have no idea, but I am not a fan of that effect in games. I'd like to see it worked on if it WAS unintentional.)
As for the dungeons that were cut from WW, I heard they were used in TP, but I don't know. But it would be nice to see the previously unseen stuff from these games someday...
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