Who else is now waiting on a revision?

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User Info: fire2box

6 years ago#21
I've been waiting for once since it's final design and battery preformance rating was out.

The 3DS in it's current state looks bulky while being rather slim. When closed it looks like a sandwhich of sorts. Also there's been complaints the screens damage each other when closed and possibly, the poorest placement of a power button I've ever seen.

Now that there's a add-on cradle to add a 2nd right control pad, I will no doubt wait for a revision of the 3DS. Even at the end of 2011, there's not going to be more then 5 games I want for the 3DS.

Also Rollercoaster Tycoon on the 3DS... why? Make a new one for the PC so we can bulid stuff like X2, or the new superman ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Also more realistic graphics would be cool too.
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User Info: sebetai

6 years ago#22
Well i know that they always make a superior 2nd iteration of their hand helds. I still got mine first day just so i can try out the early games. I do that so i can play games i may never have played if i had waited. I'm hoping that the 2nd version will have the 2nd slide pad and possibly the R2 button and an L2. I plan to get the revision first day as well.
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User Info: Energist

6 years ago#23
I'm waiting now, too. Was going to get a Flame Red one next week along with Star Fox, but this announcement has convinced me to wait and see how the inevitable revision turns out. I believe the odds are heavily favorable that it will indeed incorporate this second slide pad into the design, but even if it doesn't, I'd rather just hold out now and be sure, and any improvements it does have will likely be worth my patience, regardless.
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User Info: eragonman9

6 years ago#24
This settles it. I'm not getting a 3DS untill the revision. I may wait a year, but I will, and gladly.
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User Info: MegaWinFTW

6 years ago#25
This attachment absolutely screams "hardware revision incoming", I think it would be foolish for anyone not to wait.
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