The definition of popout, and how to identify it

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User Info: Wetterdew

6 years ago#1
I remember seeing a lot of people arguing about whether the 3DS can make pictures appear to come out of the screen. People swore it was coming out of the screen, and other people swore it was not. You'd think it'd be obvious just by looking, but after playing for long enough, it's easy to lose track of what's where (some people even start to feel they are seeing 2D images in 3D). So:

HOW TO DEFINITIVELY TEST FOR POPOUT 3D (use a still image or slowly moving image if possible)

1. Align your eyes so you can see the picture in 3D
2. Close your right eye. The picture is 2D now since you are only seeing the left eye's picture.
3. Move your head to the right so that your left eye is now seeing the picture your right eye would normally see. (Or just tilt the system.)

Everything that is behind or in front of the screen will shift its position a bit between your left and right eyes. If something is behind the screen, it will have shifted to the right. If it is sticking out of the screen, it will have shifted to the left. If it is perfectly level with the screen, it won't have shifted at all (test it with menus and things).

Using this, you can recognize why 3D is troublesome in video games with moving cameras. If you find that a picture is popping out of the screen, and it is cut off by the edge, it's a paradox that your mind can't really deal with. When that's the case, I can usually recognize that something weird is going on with the picture, but I don't see it as popping out. I noticed that OoT 3D had some weird ways of stopping this from happening. When you open the waterfall, the cameras do something a bit weird to cope with this as they zoom out in the cut scene.
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User Info: KaiRyusaki

6 years ago#2
Since this thread is here

how come i see commercials advertising their monitor, and claim "The colors really pop out"

i dont get it. all monitors have the same amount of colors and blah.

User Info: Nyyark

6 years ago#3
Not all monitors have the same amount of colors. They can do more colors depending on how finely they can adjust the brightness per color on the pixel, and then they also differ on how big a color contrast they can have on the screen at once (usually measured by the darkest black vs the brightest white, but it can be color vs color too).

Usually the big color bads are dithering, which is having the adjacent pixels switch colors quickly back and forth to create an average color, but it looks much worse for some people, and some claim it causes headaches.

The "popping out" of colors is usually talking about a strong contrast, whereas the amount of colors is usually listed as a number.

To see 3DS popout, look at the records, the pencil comes out of the screen on its rotation. Or take a picture of someone about 4-6 feet away pointing at you, then adjust the pictures depth slider all the way to the left. The finger will likely come out of the screen.

User Info: Playsaver

6 years ago#4
if you want to see if a something on a 3ds screen is popping out you just need to compare it to a real object set onto the screen.
Just lightly touch the tip of your stylus to the top screen in the area you think the image is ment to be looking like it's above the screen. The tip will look like it's cut into that part of the image if it's popping out. Don't want to use the stylus. use a thin piece of paper.
if you put the stylus in the middle of the screen for the activity log, (the screen where the pencils rotate by), they stylus will look like it's behind the front pencil and the front pencil will look transparent with the stylus behind it. (make sure the 3d slider is at max.)

User Info: Jonbazookaboz

6 years ago#5
Fyi the ship at the start of starfox 3d has the best popout yet. The wing sticks out a good 2-3 inches!
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