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User Info: Chaosmaster8753

5 years ago#1
With all this revision insanity out there, why exactly do people think if there is one that it would be a Lite model?

1. The system itself is already close in size to the DSlite/DSi.
2. A second Circle Pad can't fit in the system the way it is.

User Info: Lost_Seraph09

5 years ago#2
Yes, that why the revision's going to be an XL model >_>

User Info: valuheg

5 years ago#3
Its name will be 3DS Phat instead of 3DS Lite.

User Info: Ghetsis

5 years ago#4
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User Info: DT-Fox

5 years ago#5
Its not that it'll be smaller. The "lite" is just the tack on name for the next iteration. Like XBox 720, NextBox, PS4 (though that might be a given), and until a few months ago, the PSP2. These are just filler names. Not literal.
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User Info: Kenta_PKMN

5 years ago#6
when u add that new add-on, it'll look like a XL with a tiney screen anyways.
they really should just release another 3ds, they're taking the people's money either way
they should just have everyone trade in their consoles for a nw one , and just recycles the freaking 3ds into different designs to make that 2nd analog stick embedded with the system.
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User Info: TheHomepork

5 years ago#7
I just want a model revision where the top screen doesn't risk the chance of getting scratched up by the bottom screen.

After that's out, I'll be the first in line to get the new model.
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User Info: trenken

5 years ago#8
People are just calling that because they dont know what it will be called. It would be some sort of enhanced/improved version, not a Lite obviously. Dont take everything you read so literally. Sheesh.
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User Info: Nin3DSFan

5 years ago#9
But they could just call it "the next revision" or even just "3DS 2.0"

User Info: trenken

5 years ago#10
Nin3DSFan posted...
But they could just call it "the next revision" or even just "3DS 2.0"

They could, but they arent. Either way I dont think anyone really thinks this will actually be smaller, thats the point. TC seems to actually think they thought it would be smaller, which is silly.
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