Streetpass is so pointless.

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User Info: drothegreat0ne

6 years ago#21
Reedeemer posted...
Streetpass if fun imo ^.^ your always hoping you run into someone haha the other day I was randomly demonstrating the 3D to a mate of mines at college and I got a streetpass in those 3 minutes heh

It's that feature that makes me like it. I guess it's another way to stroke our egos, lol
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#22
Just a quick reply to these posts;

prOAPC posted...
it works in Japan where there is a 3DS every corner

pikachupwnage posted...
Its very useful in japan. also a few years from now unless you live in a rural or very small town you should get lots of them.

VobeDarkElf posted...
This is something I was trying to explain to people around the 3DS launch. When buying a Nintendo product you need to understand that it's a device built by japanese, for japanese, and then marketed to the rest of the world.

It's very likely that some of it's features will not be practical for you to actually make use of. Streetpass is just the best example of this. The Wifi and spotpass functions are also not going to be an option for many people, the way they would be if you lived in japan.

1. RE: SpotPass, the assumption that it works better in Japan is a fallacy. Most posters here would know that I am Japanese, and I can assure you that the same problems regards to 3DS population can and do occur in Japan. If you live in a rural area, you'll still have next to no passes (as was my case when I went back to my family house).

Even in the larger cities (Kyoto, Osaka), I still wasn't getting the 50 billion posters here assume you would get. While I admit there is most likely a higher chance for it, my experience with SpotPass has been much better in Australia, with an average of 15~ a day. (Melbourne, Victoria)

2. @VobeDarkElf - RE: WiFi/SpotPass
It is up to NOE and NOA respectively to make active use of SpotPass features for their regions, however both have dropped the ball in that regards. Free wifi in America should not be a problem for most in built-up areas, and I would assume the same for Europe.
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User Info: paulink

6 years ago#23
I love getting streetpass notifications. Like someone said above, it's the anticipation of getting a streetpass from another person that's exciting. Streetpass features have the potential to prolong a game and give people something to talk about.
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User Info: jeronimo777

6 years ago#24
I got two today when I marched in a marching band at a parade. You just gotta go somewhere with a decent enough crowd.
Squadala! We're off!
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