Is Overclocked good?

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User Info: TheloPronoeo

5 years ago#11
LightHawKnight posted...
From: nintendo3000 | #007
How does it play like Pokemon?
You get demons instead of pokemon. And you buy them instead of chucking balls at them. And you fuse them together instead of evolving them.

Yeah, that's about as close as it gets.

You can say that this game plays more like Advance Wars or a Fire Emblem game. But I agree with others who say if you haven't played the original, get this. I got it and am loving it. I've put in about 16 hours so far and just started the fourth day.

User Info: Marsford

5 years ago#12
Definitely, definitely get it. It's all about customizing your parts with demons and skills, and then executing strategies. What more does a SRPG need?
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User Info: ss_beelzebub

5 years ago#13
it's awesome

User Info: nintendo3000

5 years ago#14
Guess I'll check it out then.
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