Anyone getting Bit Trip Saga?

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User Info: derekfishbowl

6 years ago#1
Comes out in 2 days, but not seeing anyone talking about it. I've never played any of them before, so it's a no-brainer for me. I was leaning towards the Wii version since it has more content, but I figure I can get the 3DS version for $20 this week with the Target StarFox deal.

You guys getting Saga, Complete, or neither?

User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#2
I'm definitely getting it just not right away.

User Info: nintendo3000

6 years ago#3
No, I can't see why people even like this Bit. Tip. whatever stuff...
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User Info: pikachupwnage

6 years ago#4
me but may have to wait to get it(getting mass attack on launch day so can pick it up then if have enough money)
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User Info: DT-Fox

6 years ago#5
Totally getting it. But this is gonna be one of the few times where I'll wait for a price drop or used copy. Probably the former to support the devs... possibly.
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User Info: Tony76339

6 years ago#6
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User Info: Jelley0

6 years ago#7
Either that or the Wii version

User Info: Vyers

6 years ago#8
Nope. :/ I would only buy it if it had the same features as the Wii version.
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User Info: derekfishbowl

6 years ago#9
Vyers posted...
Nope. :/ I would only buy it if it had the same features as the Wii version.

Yeah, it's a tradeoff. Wii version has more stuff, but 3DS version is cheaper and has portability and 3D. I'd probably be getting the Wii version if it weren't for the half-off deal at Target.

If I really like the 3DS version, I may go ahead and get the Wii version too. I did this for Geometry Wars (got the Wii version first, then the DS version).

User Info: iloveyoshi0XO

6 years ago#10
I preordered mine online for the 3DS version and the free soundtrack CD. Should be here Wednesday.
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