Reaction: Star Fox 64 3D came with an unlockable Star Fox 2.

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User Info: Vyers

5 years ago#1
Would you freak out?
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User Info: Lord_Frood

5 years ago#2
No. Because SF2 was supposed to be like Command. I hated Command.
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User Info: Captain_Drek

5 years ago#3
Meh, the game wasn't finished and you can find it online via ways I shouldn't discuss.
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User Info: capgamer

5 years ago#4
Nah I've played SF2 and it wasn't that great. They kind of butchered the gameplay and made every fight generic instead of having the great level design of Star Fox and Star Fox 64.
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User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
5 years ago#5
I loved 2. Sure, it may not have had the memorable setpieces of Starfox and Starfox 64, but it was a good game in its own right, and white-knuckle on Hard Mode.

Plus Fay is just adorable.
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User Info: AP3Brain

5 years ago#6
I would buy the game for sure even if SF2 wasn't that great. I haven't played it.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

5 years ago#7
Not interested but if it had unlockable Star Fox, I'd be.
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User Info: Pinchekria

5 years ago#8

From: Vyers | #001
Would you freak out?

No because the only Starfox game I've enjoyed was 64. Assault was meh and Dinosaur Planet was.....different but also meh.

I haven't tried the first, and only a little bit of the second but I didn't enjoy that one, just turned it off soon.
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