3DS Slide pad details

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User Info: E-25

6 years ago#11
Rob_the_Ninja posted...
What do you think this is, the Gameboy Printer?

... I still own one of those... ... be quiet...
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User Info: Rob_the_Ninja

6 years ago#12
MattKorner posted...
I'm sure I'll regret asking this, but...
Why the left?

I'm left handed, meaning I can't really play Kid Icarus comfortably.

User Info: Board_hunter567

6 years ago#13
Aw, didn't want to jump on the "It was fake" bandwagon too early.
Glad I didn't.

Anyway, this is bound to be bundled with select games, so I wouldn't worry about having to make a separate purchase. It still sucks that it's something that even has to exist, but what are ya gonna do?

User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#14
1500 yen = $20 US

i'm ok with this.
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User Info: martyoytram

6 years ago#15
Awww... I was hoping it would double as a battery extender.
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User Info: DT-Fox

6 years ago#16
Ah, so it's officially for more than just MH...

Well color me excited! And from direct conversion, it only costs $20. Considering I see 3 games I'm interested in that uses this thing, its definitely gonna be a day-one purchase for me. :D
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