How many people that post here do you think actually own a Nintendo product?

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User Info: Fissure_X

5 years ago#21
Pinchekria posted...
From: Fissure_X | #018
There's literally nothing to rage at.

Some AA battery addon, two monster hunter games that don't interest me,

mario tennis.... Ugh

Some fairy rpg which apparently looks like 4 heroes of light

A fire emblem game that's most likely never gonna leave japan

Some mariku or whatever game, whatever that is.

I own a DS Lite, and a Wii,i will be getting a 3DS eventually while my brother and friend already own a 3DS.

Stop acting like Nintendo has somehow won the handheld war because a few subpar games were announced

Lol, not everyone loves Mario Tennis bro, it was ok but it's not a title i would buy for 40 bucks probably

User Info: Endgame

5 years ago#22
yes, god forbid fans of a company turn on them when they stop doing the things they liked them for

like in Nintendo's case, producing quality games
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will fight to the death for my right to fight you to the death. -Stephen Colbert

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

5 years ago#23
Starwars4J posted...
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
real video gaming fans are hardly only nintendo fans. real fans don't turn biased. they just play video games. on any system they want.

Congrats, you knew what I was saying for once! Yes, real gamers play games regardless of system. So a huge list of awesome games announced for the 3DS would please any gaming fan.

you are a fanboy, not a fan, because a real fan would never call one group of fans fanboys then call everyone else fans of gaming while excluding the called out group.

I did nothing of the sort, would you mind giving examples or making sense?

By your logic, all of the real nintendo fans are not fans of video gaming, since they are nintendo fans only.

How wrong that is! Who said that fans of Nintendo can't enjoy other systems? It's not like I've only ever owned Nintendo systems or anything.

so I guess that, by your logic, only microsoft and pc gamers are the fans of video gaming in general, even though sony and nintendo fanboys play video games in general too.

Huh? You really make very little sense, guy. You need to learn the difference between "fan" and "fanboy", as you think the two terms mean the same. They don't. Though someone like you would mistake that.

only if you learn what fanboys are first. how can real video gaming in general not include sony fanboys? sony makes video games, and people play them. just like nintendo. but again, you are using fanboy logic, so you seem to think only nintendo matters. and you are wrong.

I've been with nintendo since the NES, still own SNES, 2 GBA, N64, DS, DSiXL, and Wii for the kids. Nintendo is crap to me since the gamecube, but the lame Wii appealed nicely to my 9 and 6 year old kids. the DS line was the best thing nintendo made in a long while and hasn't been topped yet, IMO. you love them, i don't. that's fine. but saying sony fanboys aren't fans of video gaming in general is fanboyish and incorrect.
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User Info: Nyyark

5 years ago#24
People who own nintendo products:

19 out of 20 posters

The answer this topic deserves:
19 to 20 posters.
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