So proud of Nintendo!

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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

5 years ago#21
A tear? For more PREVIEWS?! Really? Really? REALLY?! The conference was good for these reason IMO:

1. New Fire Emblem game - Hopefully its not a Japan-exclusive.

Well I guess that's about it. I mean, I didn't hear anything about this:

1. WWE No Mercy 3DS
2. NBA 2K12 or NBA Jam 2 or anything NBA-related
3. Golden Sun sequel
4. New games for DS/DSi/DSi XL
5. More NES and GBA games coming to eshop that AREN'T on Ambassador lists
6. More console-quality games for the DSi shop

Any of THAT would have me jumping for joy or smiling from ear to ear. Not a tear though.

User Info: megaman3ds

5 years ago#22
Q_BERT101 posted...
Nintendo is the only company worth a damn at true console gaming any more.

Then why are they always 5 years behind their competitors?

Sony - come pay for bluray to prop out out other divisions..

This sentence doesn't make sense. Are you saying Blu-ray is a bad thing? You must not own an HDTV or watch any movies.

Where did all our 3rd party exclusives go?

Citation needed.

Why did LBP2 get outsold by Epic Yarn?

Citation needed. You may want to double-check those figures, bro...

Why no one care about Gran Turismo? Uh oh.......

Citation needed. Not to mention there are ZERO simulation racing games on the Wii, so I'm not sure how this ties into "NINTENDO DURR ONLY TRUE CONSOLE HURRDURR"

MS - come pay for subscription gaming, we be turning LIVE into basic cable as well - u wanna watch ESPN, fratboy?

I could see you using this argument if you were defending the PS3, but since we're talking about a Nintendo At least they have an online service that works. And I wish they would turn LIVE into basic cable...less than $8.00 a month for basic cable would be dirt cheap.

Nintendo - lets make the best quality games of every generation so we do not have to devalue game prices.

Yes, I love how Super Smash Bros. Brawl is still $50 despite being released 3.5 years ago. Who wants cheaper games, right? The Apple store is filled with cheap $.99 junk, so let's be glad for Nintendo. If they made games cheaper, the Wii and DS might become loaded with shovelware and we...oh...wait....nevermind, too late.

BTW - no pay dlc

Yes there is. MegaMan 10, Rock Band, etc. have DLC on the Wii. OHHH...did you mean "No Free DLC?" Because that's true. Several Rock Band songs that are free on the PS3 and 360 aren't available on the Wii because Nintendo won't let them release any DLC for free. Or maybe you meant "No Game Patching?" Because that's true too. While other consoles get free updates and bug fixes through game patching, the Wii is SOL.


Lol what? Nearly every disc-based console has some form of DRM. That's why you can't play copied discs on a Wii. In fact, DRM is more strictly enforced on the Wii than it is on the PS3 and the 360, since digital downloads are tied to one console FOREVER on the Wii. And the Wii is region-locked. And DRM is really only a problem on the PC, where companies come up will all kinds of weird piracy prevention methods that end up screwing with the gaming experience for paying customers.

or subscriptions or any bull crap. We arent even selling Mii Clothes.

Yes...fewer options for everybody! Why update or release DLC when you can stick people with the same old options they've had since 2006! Viva la stagnation!

Also...why are you bringing up console gaming on the 3DS board?
I'm a 3DS SUPER AMBASSADOR - I'm more special than the regular ambassadors because I got 20 games and only paid $169.96 for my 3DS.
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