Remember what the ps2 did to the SEGA Dreamcast?

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User Info: L0L_FAQ

6 years ago#41
Netflix, son.
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User Info: crispyo

6 years ago#42
so the vita is going to shatter the 3DS because it's remaking FFX?

3DS is not comparable to the dreamcast in so many ways, do i even need to explain?

User Info: daitsuwamono

6 years ago#43
Starwars4J posted...
(even though [Dreamcast] was the superior system)
200 MHz Hitachi SH4 RISC processor, 1400 MFLOPS (not sustainable due to speed of cache)
100 MHz PowerVR2 CLX2, 100 Mpixels/s, 7 million polygons/s
Disc capacity (GD-ROM): 1.2 GB
Feature advantages: Dial-up modem included.

294.912 MHz Emotion Engine RISC processor, 6200 MFLOPS
147.456 MHz Graphics Synthesiser, 2352 Mpixels/s, 75 million polygons/s
Disc capacity (DVD-ROM): 4.7 GB
Feature advantages: Dolby Digital support with TOSLINK optical out, Y/Pb/Pr component video out support, dual thumbsticks + two additional shoulder buttons, IEEE 1394 connector (i.LINK), USB, DVD video playback

In what way, exactly, was the Dreamcast superior? The PS2 was, in fact, the technically superior device. Along with the massive popularity of the original PlayStation in both the US and Japan, the PS2 was a recipe for success in both regions.

Unfortunately, I can't say that the PS Vita will be a much greater success than the 3DS. Technologically, everything about Vita roflstomps the 3DS, as was mostly the case with the PS2 versus the Dreamcast--and, in this case, the difference is even more profound. Nintendo, however, has absurdly high brand loyalty that they can and will exploit though 3DS games featuring their mascots, which the public will then devour madly. Couple that with the $75 price advantage that the 3DS has, and Nintendo has an edge.

User Info: mrekli

6 years ago#44
sumostickfigure posted...
From: mrekli | #039
Maybe I read too fast but really? No one mentions this?

The PS Vita doesn't play DVDs.

Perhaps, but we're in an age which is shifting toward digital distribution anyway (so there's no new physical medium for it to support) and the Vita will be supporting digital distribution better than the 3DS is.

You miss the point.
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User Info: MasterEchu

6 years ago#45
two problems wiht your theory

1) thankfully Nintendo is finally thinking properly in games and stopping the overhyped 3-d remixes, there are amazing games going out now, and while Dreamcast has a better launch, it's later software stunk, not the case for nintendo.

2) Price, while the ps2 had a comparable price, a fully working vita costs 450 USD if not more, even when 3rd party stuff comes out (assuming sony dosnt get greeyd and only allow first party, wouldnt shock me), it will still hit double the buying price, if not triple (IF) the price finally goes down.

Sorry but the psvita is NOT worth 450 no matter how you look at it. add in a VERY nicely shaping set of software comming up, the 3ds has gone at least the nest year+ going for them. By the time vita comes OUt 3ds will be so far ahead it wont matter, and price will kepe it fomr picking up for a long time.

thats how I see it though
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User Info: OnettMan21

6 years ago#46

From: fireball43 | #054
Remember what the PS2 did to the Gamecube? (Okay bad argument)
Remember what the PS3 did to the Wii?
Remember what the PSP did to the DS?

I love to be the one to say it but the 3ds may not end up like the dreamcast.

The vita looks like an opponent to the 3ds.
And with the price it is marketed at who knows.

You mean crush it?
You mean pioneer an entire new disk format? You mean have strong online support and cater to old fans?
You mean be the first serious competition that Nintendo has ever had?

From: cvmckenzie
I hate to be a broken record, but since thats whats done on gfaqs now, i'll go ahead.

Games are all that matter. Thats really it when it comes to game consoles and hand held systems. Right now the 3ds has more games and is selling a lot more than the vita as its not out yet.

We all know 3ds is going to do crazy numbers for christmas and that even cooler games will hit before the vita even releases. With a larger install base and cheaper development times (hd graphics dont make themselves) 3ds is positioned to dominate, period.

Id compare 20 3ds games announced, out now or on their way--that we know about --favorabley against any library, especially whats been announced for vita.

Compare the 3ds lists and vita lists and tell me vitas gonna put up a fight.

Yes. I can tell you that I will enjoy the Vita far more than the 3DS, or almost any console for that matter.

User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#47
The PS2 did that because it had momentum, it had nothing to do with hardware strength. - Watch me beat "SNES Bonkers" - My backloggery

User Info: Akane1412

6 years ago#48
Layton will never go on Vita--- so 3Ds still gets my support over all else.
And if we replace "layton" for pokemon, phoenix wright, Mario, Zelda and other big franchise, we can be sure the 3ds won't be so easily defeated XD
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