Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney first screens!

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User Info: HHHis4real

6 years ago#21
This looks great, praying it eventually gets localized. Also, was there any update on a new Ace Attorney-only game for the 3DS? Supposedly there were rumors about it being shown during Nintendos Press Conference on Monday but it never happened.

User Info: Reptobismol

6 years ago#22
I saw no mention of it last I checked IGN.
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User Info: pokemonmaster0

6 years ago#23
Bit odd that they chose to to go with 3d, but if they use it well whatever. Otherwise the game looks great.

User Info: objection55

6 years ago#24
*smiles broadly*

i'm going to have to get used to seeing phoenix in 3d but...AH I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Not changing this until Layton vs. Gyakuten comes out in the United States.
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