basketball games on 3ds?

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User Info: joelang12

5 years ago#1
im not really into the sport but since the NDS recieved its share of Madden titles was there ever a reason given as to why EA Sports never put lout a basketball game? and do you guys the 3ds could run a full fledged title? (assuming that the reason was that the nds couldnt handle one?)
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User Info: Glass_Bear

5 years ago#2
this always upset me about DS, and is actually the reason I ended up buying a PSP. Hopefully they will not take the same approach with 3DS, although I've not seen any basketball games announced as of yet :(
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User Info: Marsford

5 years ago#3
Unless you like Mario sports titles (which are freakin awesome), Sony or Microsoft is probably the way to go for sports titles, like the EA ones.
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User Info: MrBanballow

5 years ago#4
Their game last year was garnering such negative press that it was canceled a week prior to release.

EA plans to get back to basketball next year though.

Edit: I read the topic, put together my reply... and I think I missed the mark completely.
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User Info: Glass_Bear

5 years ago#5
yeah, it would have to be 2K.

2K12 has been announced and is coming soon for 360, PS3, PSP. (not DS or 3DS, so again - I doubt it's coming).
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User Info: RussiaOne

5 years ago#6
I think most 3DS owners understand the 3DS is NOT the console for serious sports outings. EA, once again, are talking out their asses about FIFA being the greatest sports game ever on a portable, but I don't believe it'll amount to anything more but a faint disturbance in the force.
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User Info: mralspsp

5 years ago#7
There are two basketball games on the 3DS. Deca Sports Extreme has one and Dual Pen Sports has the other. I don't think they are as big as the other titles mentioned put out (like EA).
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