Red 3DS is different than the original launch 3DS

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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#11
My launch blue feels exactly the same as it did when it came out. Her's is definitely slightly different, feels like tighter construction or something.

On another note though, I really dont like the red. It's more of a burgandy almost, with little sparkles in it, even more visible than the blue. Just not crazy about the red they chose, but it does feel super solid.
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User Info: greensacs

6 years ago#12
I bought my daughter a red one and it is exactly the same as my black one. Nothing is different but the color. I was not at all interested in the red one but the red is sexy.
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User Info: MrBanballow

6 years ago#13
Gavin_Rozee posted...
Do the rubber bumpers to the sides of the top screen appear longer than those on yours?

They look about the same to me. In addition to a screen protector which was put in place as soon as the 3DS was pulled from its box, I've been leaving that little sheet between the top and bottom halves when closed, and notice that smudges still appear. Yet to have any permanent marks left behind, I'm assuming due to the little sheet.
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User Info: abbyhitter

6 years ago#14
KogaSteelfang posted...
Does the bottom screen border still leave lines on the top screen?

Somebody please answer this question. I want to know too because it is a deciding factor in whether or not I buy the red one.
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  3. Red 3DS is different than the original launch 3DS

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