Will Nintendo ever give us flash support, or Youtube app?

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User Info: simondaking

6 years ago#21
I think html5 video support is more likely than adobe flash.
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User Info: miseryLUVScmpny

6 years ago#22
SSJ4CHRIS posted...
They're basically saying "if nintendo doesn't have it, it sucks. When nintendo adds it in, it's suddenly awesome". Fanboy logic is so bass ackwards, it's sad.

Settling for less is even more bass ackwards.

User Info: MrRospiden

6 years ago#23
No, but your computer will.
I don't get the whole "want" for those things. I mean, yeah, sure, they'd be nice, but I bought a 3DS for the games.

For me, its just convenience. Sometimes when I'm in the back of the room in my Pre-College Algebra class and we're going over homework questions people have before notes start(a good 20 minute process) it would be REALLLLY nice to just be able to reach down to my bag and pull out my 3DS and buds and start watching YouTube to pass the time.

User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#24
Additional features are a bonus and welcome. Nothing wrong with adding to the value of your handheld. However, the point remains we all bought the 3DS to play 3DS games. I believe they'll add this and update the browser at a later time.
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User Info: Nyyark

6 years ago#25
ChikaraX posted...
Flash PLAYER support? NEVER! (Streaming flash video player.. ..Maybe)

One of the reasons is that Flash isn't very processor friendly.. That's actually strange because I remember when Flash was introduced eons ago (Flash tester here, lol) the promise was that it wouldn't be heavy on the browser.

Just check your computer's activity when you have Flash based stuff open.

So the plugin or flash player would be limited to the device it's on (Yeah, duh!)

The PSP could play Flash, but the flash plugin was limited to 1.5mb of memory.. Adobe did have newer mobile plugins (Like for on smartphones) but for some reason Sony did not want it.. Keep in mind that 1.5mb is NOTHING for flash.

So why don't I think there will be a Flash player (Knock on wood)

There a more and more good Flash based games out there you'd be able to play for free.. FREE..

But most importantly, Nintendo won't have control over the stuff you play on the 3DS.. If there is to be a Flash Player it would probably end up being something like NintendoVideo.

It really isn't that intensive or bad on a full windows OS. However in just about any other OS implementation it's been horrid. And with most mobile OS's being Unix or Linux based, their flash is just unworkable.

I don't think we'll see flash until the 3DS is hacked so that people can homebrew missing features like region unlock and flash and friend chat and the like.

User Info: CVNut13

6 years ago#26
Well, Nintendo said that they're planning on releasing (3D) video recording. I think they'll have a YouTube app so you can upload and watch videos in conjunction with the video recording app. Kind of like how they have a Facebook app with the DSi's Camera app.

But I think that's my wishful thinking talking. xD
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#27
miseryLUVScmpny, realistically the PSP could only just barely manage Youtube and that's with a lot of active support from the developer of the homebrew application. While I'm sure Sony could have done a better job, the lack of profit (and actively discouraging consumers from purchasing/ renting videos from their store) made it very unlikely.

The 3DS likely could do a better job, but after following the development of that Youtube application and seeing how it had to be updated at least every few days to adjust for different changes that was made on the website. I don't think Nintendo would even consider it, not to mention how far out from the sort of applications we have already gotten, noting how the experience on most of the 3DS is very smooth while a Youtube application would mean pre-loading even most short videos before being able to watch as well as drastically cutting into the system's battery life.

So, while I like the idea, I'm not convinced it would be particularly worthwhile for Nintendo. Though if the Vita gains such a feature I will seriously reconsider getting one at launch.
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User Info: SaraAB87

6 years ago#28
Yeah I had to buy a new computer because flash video stopped working on my old one because it was too processor intensive and either didn't work or would barely load. At some point along the line youtube and the other sites updated and got more intensive because when I first got the computer it worked fine..Well that isn't the only reason I bought a new computer but one of them.
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User Info: GeekyDad

6 years ago#29
Lord_Frood posted...
No, but your computer will.
I don't get the whole "want" for those things. I mean, yeah, sure, they'd be nice, but I bought a 3DS for the games.

The answer's in your question.
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